Best silent hill game

best silent hill game

Find out which Silent Hill games are the best, as we've ranked the entire series in our ranking Silent Hill games feature!. A list of the best games from the Silent Hill franchise. The Silent Hill games have been around for a really long time, which means it's time to rank all of them from worst to best. GigersALIENJun 11, How would long time fans rate the "newer" Silent Hills? Are you and a friend arguing over what the greatest Silent Hill game of all time is? Separate names with a comma. The original, Xbox version if you . best silent hill game

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Unfortunately never got to play through 1 or 3. Silent Hill is great and all,but I highly recommend Obscure: Just don't get the 'HD' versions if you can help it, there are some broken and very questionable things. It's one of the rare cases where the old grungy PS1 graphics actually add to what the game is going for. Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill: Silent Hill 2 is the most highly regarded overall, but then again, that's because much more people have played SH2 in comparison to SH1 or SH3, mainly because SH2 is it's own self contained story, while SH1 and SH3 are directly connected. But it's probably going to be my least favorite in the series. The Room and Shattered Memories for Wii if you find yourself wanting more, they aren't quite as stellar but still offer a lot of interesting ideas. The game has some of the most twisted and downright demonic looking bosses I've EVER seen in a game You can get a grasp on it and it becomes manageable, but it never feels quite right. I also thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay as a whole, which i didn't expect to because a lot a people are on the fence about that. Boddicker Follow Forum Posts: It's high points are high, but it's low points can make you question whether it was ever good, or if it was all just some bizarre and grizzly fever dream. Game Reviews Movie Reviews TV Reviews. Homecoming gets a bad rap, but it's not that bad. I haven't gone back to the first four games since each was released, but I do like my memory of them. The Room is odd, but it has a House of Leaves vibe that I can really get behind. Such an amazing game. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. It's not a horror story, though, at least, not in the end. I would say Origins and 4 were the worst. SH1 under Shattered Memories? Ive finished SH 1 like 12 times SH 2 and 3 like 5 times each and SH 4 1 time. The Silent Hill series has been around for a long time, and there have been arbitrage wetten main releases since dame online spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung inception. Silent Hill 3 is okay, play Silent Hill 1 first though. This neogaf thread guide will give you everything you need to know if you want to get the best experience of a true HD version on PC:. The original Silent Hill was the only truly great game of the series imo. Silent Hill 4 great story which the most incomprehensibly do not understand T 4. All All News Reviews Screenshots Videos Previews Interviews Rumors Trailers Podcasts Videocasts Articles Images Opinion pieces Blog Posts User Reviews.

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